Rare Items

These are the rarest Items in Clubpenguin. Note: Some have been brought back and are not rare anymore.

9 responses

3 03 2009

I have 85 out of 102. Am i rare or not?

12 05 2009

I have all of them except the Beta Hat

22 07 2009

i need REAL CODES THAT HAVENT BEEN USED PLZ.And i need real glitches that WORK.IN REPAY:ill give the most best secret ever about clubpenguin NO LIE.thx for reading my message.

24 07 2009

i hav the watch, the spy phone, the spy sunglasses, the yellow, pink, and red & green striped scarves, i hav the pink boa, the red bandana, the pink sweatshirt, the guitar, the jacket with the yellow gloves attatched and the striped shirt underneath, the purple dress, the coffee shop apron, the yellow flip flops, the yellow construction hat, the pink cap, the red propeller hat, the pink hat with the flower on it, the santa hat, the hat with the pink stripe on it, the chef hat, the leprechaun hat, the headphones, the pink earmuffs, and both cheerleader outfits (red & blue).

i am SOOO rare!

6 08 2009

i have three that u circled

6 08 2009

make that four that u circled

18 08 2009

i have every item in there even the beta hat

4 04 2010

I have them all exept for the red lei and beta hat.

4 04 2010

The red propeller hat is not rare anymore, you can get it 4 free right now :/

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