Mission Guide

Mission 1


1. Talk to Aunt Artic.

2. Go to the Sports shop and say do you have anything special. He’ll ask you how many pairs of socks he has.

3. To find this out go to the pet shop and there will be a note on the desk in the “Code”.

4. Read this and tell G the number and then he will open the cabinet and you have to take the life preserver shooter.

5. Then go to the Iceberg.

6. Get all the penguins back and then talk to the green one.

7. Then go back to G’s cabinet and get the grappling hook.

8. Then go to the ski hill and fix the brown penguin’s telescope with your wrench that comes out of your phone. Then look through it. Scroll to the left until you see the puffle.

9. Then go to the tallest mountain and throw the grappling hook up it.

10. Then you have finished!!!!


Mission 2
1. talk to G and get your mission. He will ask you for a secret word. It is Mogul.
2. Then he will show you his cool sled. Then pick it up and go to the mountain to test it.
3. You will fall and end up in the middle of nowhere.
4. The first thing you will see is a rope behind a snow clump, pick it up, then pick up the survival guid, then go to the place where there is a log and a bush and get the ski.
5.The go to the bush with the dots on it and get 3 puffle O’s Then go to the place with the log and click on the puffles. Then feed the black one a puffle O’.
6. then attach the rope to the ski and put the puffle O’ on the ski and you will have a fishing rod.
7. Then go to the place where you see a cave and click on that and click on the stones and they will form a fire pit.
8. Then go to the river and get the log there. Then go fishing with the rod you made. The pick up the fish.
9. Then go to the room with the puffle O bush and you will see a pine tree. Shake the trunk of it till the pot falls out. Then go fill the pot up with water and go to the cave.
10. Then put your wood on it and then put the survival guide on it. Then put the puffle on it, feed him a puffle O and he shood light the wood on fire.
11. Then put the water on it and take it off then put the fish on it and take it off. Then you will fall asleep. Go outside when you wake up go outside. Then talk to the agent and then G and you’ve wont the mission!!!
Mission 3
  1. Talk to green penguin.
  2. He will close the door locked but he doesn’t know how to open it.
  3. Go to the Office, then go under the brownish couch and get the disk and  the paper clip.
  4. Then go to the computer and put in the disk. Then press the start button.
  5. Then click on the combination number. (it’s different every time).
  6. Then put it into the door downstairs.
  7. Then the door will open. Go in and click on the coins on the sealing.
  8. Then go to the HQ and talk to G. Click on the screen he tells you to watch.
  9. Then he will open a box of keys take the one labeled roof key. It will be in the”code”.
  10. Then go to the Office and then use the key to get into the roof.
  11. Then unlock the Powa Box with the wrench. Then look inside the box and put the paper clip in it.
  12. Then next to the box there will be a drain and pick up the white fur in it.
  13. Then go to the town talk to the brown penguin then go to the HQ. Talk to G and give him the white fur you found.
  14. Then get his flashlight on the table near the map and the books.
  15. Then go in the night club and turn on the flashlight and go through the speaker to the boiler room. Then click on the fuse box and click around till it is all green.
  16. Then go to the HQ and talk to G.
  17. Then you’ve finished.



Mission 4

  1. Talk to G and say you want to go into his room and get the preserver shooter. It should be in a cabinet.
  2. Then go to the beacon and unscrew the telescope using your wrench. Then go inside the lighthouse and get the rope from the boat. Then go to the ski village and go inside the cabin and get the fishing rod and attach it to the preserver shooter then attach the rope to that.
  3. Then go to the sports shop and get the belt from the fake penguin who is winking inside the shop. Then talk to the brown penguin in the ski village and put the belt around the ski lift machine.
  4. Then go to the top of the mountain. The path is middle, right, left, right, and middle.
  5. Then click the end with the preserver shooter. First break the branch to the far right and then get the penguin on the branch in the middle. Then attach the penguin below the branch you broke to the other penguin.  Then put one of the penguins on the branch in the middle and throw the other one down just next to the branch. then put the 3 penguins behind the bolder to the far left of your screen. The bolder will fall and you have to put all 3 penguins on your rod again to get him.
  6. Then you will finish that. Then go to the ski village and next to the tour guide stand there will be a piece of white fur near the lift thing. Pick it up.
  7. Then go to the mountain and talk to G. Give him the white fur.
  8. Then you’ve won!



Mission 5

  1. Go to the HQ. Then go into G’s invention room and get the AC Fan.
  2. Then talk to G. Talk to him and then go into the suitcase. Then brush the fur with the brush.
  3. It will say its a pink puffle.
  4. Then get out of there and talk to G. Then put the fur he gives you into the machine.
  5. Then read the elements it has and talk to G. He will tell you to get them.
  6. 1) Go to the beacon and go to where you play jet pack. Get out your fan and blow the jet pack over to you. Then cut it with your scizzors. 2) Then go to plaza and go to the pizza shop. Talk to the penguin there and ask him if you can take the sauces. Take the chocolate sauce and hot sauce. Then talk to him again and ask him if you can take the pizza box. 3) Then go to the town and go into the coffee shop. Ask him to see the drawing. Look at it. Then fix his machine. First put the cup under the press for hot chocolate button. Then fix the milk nozzle with your wrench. Then switch it to how on the side. Then put chocolate where it says insert chocolate. Then press for hot chocolate and take the cup. Then talk to the brown penguin and go back to the HQ.
  7. Then talk to G and put all the elements into the goggles. Then put the goggles on.
  8. Then go to the Beach and go inside the lighthouse. First get the net by the ship steering wheel. Then get the rope from inside the boat there and attach it to the net.
  9. Then go to the ski lodge and  talk to the penguin under the couch.Then go to where you go fishing. Then get the candle next to the couch.
  10. Then hang the net with the rope from the tree and then put the candle in it.
  11. Then get the crab and the white fur he drops.
  12. Then go back to G. Give him the crab and put the fur into the machine.
  13. Then you’ve finished!



Mission 6

1. Talk to G and follow the crab up to the montain.
2. Then fall down the mountain and follow him into the cave.
3. But you can’t get in the cave. So you have to find the bag of Puffle O’s Hint: It is where you see a log and a bush.
4. Cut downt the bag of Puffle O’s and take them to the black puffle who she be by the log. He will follow you.
5. Bring the black puffle to the cave door and throw the Puffle O into the pet door and he will open the door.
6. When you get in the Polar Bear will trap you and tell him a story of his adventures.
7. After he leaves, your puffle will come out.
8. After that, get out a Puffle O and throw it at the lever to the side of the gate open thing (it will be a red lever).
9. Once you do that throw another Puffle O at the top of the thing that tilted.
10. Then throw the Puffle O on the platform that is raised. Then the gate will open! After that, try to get out an the door will open but snow will fall on it that will not let you out.
11. After that collect the hot sauce, which is on the table, the rope which is on the boards, the pickaxe, and the diagram of his machine whichh is on his wall.
12. Then put the Puffle O on the hot sauce and throw it at the snow wall. The puffle will go crazy and the wall will melt.
13. Then walk over to the wall which is one room away from the river.
14. Put the rope and the pickaxe together and throw it at the mountain and you will be at the top. Then go to the bottom and go to the ski lodge and then go to where you go ice fishing.
15.Then go and get a box of SEAWEED pizza from the pizza shop.
16. Then you go where you are supposed to go ice fishing. The polar bear wil be there bt he won’t notice you. So get out the box of pizza and click on the bear.
17. While he is occupied with that you can click the lever below the crab and it will turn to the other side.
18. Then the guy will blast away and you will win!!!!


Mission 7

Here are the cheats for mission 7:

  1. Start out by talking to G.
  2. Then watch the Snow Fort screen.
  3. Then talk to G again.
  4. Then go to the snow forts and talk to the penguins there.
  5. After talking to him, go to the invention cabinet and put in the word “key” in the code and get out the Electro Magnet.
  6. Then go to the Iceberg and get the coil using the Electro Magnet.
  7. Then go to the Plaza and go into the Pizza place and pick up the sheet music next to the piano.
  8. Then go to the stage, click on the piano, put the music on the piano, and play the right keys and then the puffle will come out.
  9. Then go to the Town and talk to the penguin there. Talk to him twice and then get the picture of the Prime Gear.
  10. Then go to the Beach and get the bucket.
  11. Then go to the Snow Forts and get the snow from it.
  12. Then go back to the stage, give the puffle the picture of the Prime Gear, and then give him the snow.
  13. After that go to the Gadget Room and go to the Test Chamber and put the Prime Gear in it and pull the lever and press the button that looks like a snowflake. Then pull the lever again and take it out. Then do the same with the Frozen Coil but press the button that looks like fire.
  14. Then get the inner tube that is in the Gadget Room.
  15. Then go to the Dock and talk to the penguins there.
  16. Talk to them and then you’ll have to throw snowballs at the target and they will give you it. Then give them the inner tube.
  17. Then go back to the Snow Forts, go to the clock, put in all of the items where they have to be, and then you’ve completed it!

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