How to Find Rockhopper

Here is a Rockhopper tracker used to find where Rockhopper is.


Here are some tips to find Rockhopper.

  1. Go on servers you’d least expect to find him on like Klondike or Icebound.
  2. Have a group of friends help look for him.
  3. Check out websites for where he was last seen and don’t go to that server because he doesn’t go to servers twice in a row to often.
  4. Look for people who are crowded. That would probably mean that Rockhopper is in that bunch so keep clicking on their player cards.
  5. Try not to follow people who say they know where Rockhopper is, because about 75% of the time they’re playing a joke. Following a guy to Rockhopper has only worked once.


Keep Trying!

One response

24 07 2009

one time a girl said cadence was at the rooftop and i decided to go and she was there! the room wasnt that full, tho.

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