Clubpenguin Swfs

Note: Most or all of these swfs will not work due to updates Club Penguin has made. I will try to get all the new ones as soon as possible.

Club Penguin Banner:

Club Penguin Poll:

Play Club Penguin:

Basic Penguin:


Clothing Catalog:
Wig Catalog:
Furniture Catalog
Igloo Catalog:
Puffle Catalog:
Puffle Furniture:
The F.I.S.H:
Postcard Catalog:
Costume Catalog:
Pirate Catalog:
(Only works when Rockhopper is here)

Club Penguin Music Swfs:

Coffee Shop:
Dance Mix:
I’ve Been Delayed (Penguin Chat 3):
Night Club:
Boiler Room/Dance Lounge:
Agent HQ:
Pizza Parlor:
Alien Stage Play:
The 12th Fish Stage Play:
Superhero Stage Play:
Mascot Stage Play:
Egyptian Stage Play:
Ballistic Biscuit/Hydro Hopper:
Bean Counters:
Puffle Roundup:
Ice Fishing:
Cart Surfer:
Pizzatron 3000:
Jet pack Adventure:
Thin Ice:
Catching Waves:
Aqua Grabber:
Jingle Bells:
April Fools Party:
Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 1:
Mine Opening/Sub-Marine Party 2:
Summer Party:
Halloween Party (06′ and 07′):
Winter Fiesta 2007:
Festival of Snow:
St. Patrick’s Day Party:
Folk Guitar:
Driving Guitar:
Pirate Party/Ocean Voyage:
Cool Surf:
Summer Party:

Summer Party 2:
Water Party:
Water Party 2:
Camp Party:
Camp Party 2:
Fall Fair:
Fall Fair Games:
Halloween Party 1:
Halloween Party 2:
Western Party:
Christmas Party 1:
Christmas Calm:
Christmas Party 2:
Winter Fiesta 2008:
Christmas Jam:
Beach Mix:
Hard Rock:

Club Penguin Rooms:

Snow Forts:
Ice Rink:
Ski Village:
Ice Berg:
Agent HQ:
Boiler Room:
Stage 1:
Stage 2:
Stage 3:
Stage 4:
Stage 5:
Gift Shop:
Sport Shop: (right click and press forward)
Ski Lodge:
Coffee Shop:
Pet Shop:
Pizza Parlor:
Book Room:
Night Club:
Dance Lounge:
Crow’s Nest:
Rockhopper’s Quarters:

Club Penguin Games:

Find Four:
Grab & Spin:
Ring the Bell:
Aqua Grabber (Rockhopper Version):
Thin Ice:
Ice Fishing:
My Puffle:
Burnt Out Bulbs:
Treasure Hunt:

Club Penguin Backgrounds:

Club Penguin Furniture Boxes:

(Right click and press play to see it)

Club Penguin Books:

Franky’s First Show:
Spice of Life:
Truth or Dare:
05-06 Year Book:
06-07 Year Book:
Penguin Tales, Spring ‘07:
My Puffle:
Burnt Out Bulbs:

Club Penguin Tutorials:

How to Play:
How to Edit your Igloo:

Club Penguin Post Cards:

Invite to Igloo Party:
Invite to Birthday Party:
Invite to Night Club:
Invite to Coffee Shop:
Invite to Pizza Parlor:
Challenge to Sled Race:
Happy Birthday:
Welcome to Club Penguin:
Challenge to Find Four:
Challenge to Mancala:
“It was really COOL to meet you!”:
Welcome to Club Penguin 2:
Howdy Partner:
Invite to Beach:
Thank you for being friend:
Invite to Ice Rink:
Cool Igloo:
Get Better Soon:
Thanks for a good game:
Invite to Snow Forts:
Invite to Cave:
Happy Halloween:
Trick or Treat:
Happy Holidays:
Season’s Greetings:
Invite to Lodge:
Thank you for coming to party:
Merry Christmas:
Invite to party:
Will you be my buddy?:
You’re a terrific friend:
Be my valentine:
Invite to Pizza Parlor (2):
Invite to Night Club (2):
Happy St. Patrick’s Day:
Come play in my igloo:
Let’s Hang Out:
Meet me for a Sled Race:
It’s time for band practice:
Come watch my band:
Wanna join my band?:
Happy Puffle:
Best friends:
Cool Puffles:
Awesome Wave:
Invite to Cove:
Go fishing:
Go hiking:
Play Jetpack Adventure:
Invite to Mountain (2):
Tea Invite:
Stage Invite:

Mission Awards:


Rockhopper Arriving 1:
Rockhoper Arriving 2:
Rockhopper Leaving 1:
Rockhopper Leaving 2:
Migrator Crashed 1:
Migrator Crashed 2:
Rockhopper Arriving (Makeshift boat):


Storm Leaving:

Stage Scripts:

Alien Play:
The 12th Fish:
Superhero Play:
Mascot Play:
Egyptian Play:

Mission Folder:

Electronic Folder:

Rockhopper’s Journal:

Club Penguin Advertisement:

Club Penguin Map:

Club Penguin Archive Links:

I’ve Been Delayed:



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