Clubpenguin History

Chapter One: Penguin Chat 3

Club penguin originated from a game called Penguin Chat 3. It was quite different. The town was almost exactly the same, but it was snowing and more chairs and tables were outside the coffee parlour. Oh, yeah – there wasn’t a cove, dock, dojo, iceberg, plaza – just the town and a few rooms that lead off it, which are just boring kind of. Moderators were snails. Now we just have to guess!

Igloos were kind of a bowl. Weird! Here are some pictures of penguin chat! (The nightclub looks like someone drew it).





Billybob was probably the first real penguin made – the first penguin ever made was called “Tester Penguin” probably. Club penguin was simple – the beach didn’t have a lighthouse, hard to imagine I know! Only a few people know when the dojo was created – it chould have been very old and just undescovered, or newer. Probably a mystery.

Beta party

I didn’t have an account during the beta party, so these pics are from check out the site its really good!


All penguins in the picture are betas! Loook for rsnail!! COOL! My penguin’s only about 170 days old now, so I’m not nearly that old! The oldest penguin is around 1095 days old now! Wow! That is very old!

Club Penguin 2005

Hiya, I’m telling you about Club Penguin in the early ages! Towards the end of 2005 Club Penguin was getting popular. More accounts were being made, and Betas weren’t as special and as rare. Club Penguin was still only a small fry in the grande scheme of online gaming, though.

Above Picture thanks to: !

This is the Halloween party 2005. The writing is different… There was also following it a christmas party:


Thanks again to punkrockerz. There was a free christmas hat!!! I wasn’t there, but I think the santa hat should be bigger.

So that covers Club Penguin’s first year, right? Wrong! What about Puffles?

Puffles in 2005

Puffles were seen in club penguin round about October 24th. They were not named, nor could you buy them – just club penguin team’s way of building up to something big! Then, in November, puffles were introduced to the game! There were originally four colours – blue, pink, green and black. Then in December they wre named puffles – in competition terms, I think – and then in later December the bugs are taken out of the game “Puffle Round-Up” and it can be played properly.

Book room additions and Missions in 2005.

Nothing happened here. Tum, tum, tee, tum, tee toooo………

Summary of CP 2005

2005 was a vital year for club penguin. Well, it opened then. We got our pets, our parties and our most-loved betas! 2005 was great! Tune in later for Club Penguin 2006, 2007, and 2008.

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10 07 2009

Cool. Mind if I use these in a YouTube video?

13 07 2009


26 08 2009


26 08 2009

Im Mr.Club penguin and ive got two words for u

30 08 2009


3 04 2010
Wuzz up world

hey thats cool! i wish i was the first penguin in club penguin!

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