Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker!! [Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips On How To Find Aunt Arctic]

22 03 2009

Update: Click HERE to refresh for Aunt Arctic’s latest location every few seconds or to comment once you see her!! [Tips and pics from Abdullahhhh!! Thanks Abdullahhhh!!]

Update 2: Seems like DJ Cadence, the Penguin Band and Gary are online too!! : ) Tracking them too!!

Aunt Arctic’s Location: STILL TRACKING NOW! : ) [REFRESH]
Penguin Band’s Location: TRACKING NOW!! [REFRESH]
Gary’s Location: TRACKING NOW!! [REFRESH]

Hey!! It is really true that Aunt Arctic is really going around Club Penguin and will be giving out an autographed background of herself to any penguins who see her!! : ) Here is a picture of what the background looks like!! And also, there is going to be a Tante Arctic too!! [exclusive] And here are 10 sure-fire tips on how to track Aunt Arctic!! : D

1) Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with a pink hat and has a pencil behind her ear.

2) Aunt Arctic will be going around Club Penguin to meet penguins and give out her background.

3) Aunt Arctic will be on at peak hours most likely in crowded servers such as Mammoth and Blizzard.

4) She can only be found at the Backstage so that means only members can find her.

5) Keep refreshing the tracker every few seconds for her latest location!!

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16 03 2009

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