Halloween Party

27 10 2006

Halloween is here. There is 1 free item.

The item is a free Wizard hat!

There is a new pin, located at the dock!

Here are the catalogue Secrets.


Cheese4678 (Skipoe)

Credit to paintboy100

Welcome To the Best Club Penguin Cheats

17 10 2006

Hey. Welcome To the best Club Penguin Cheats. On this site you will find everything you need to know about Club Penguin. If you want to work here, Just comment, and I will add you right away.


Cheese4678 (Skipoe)

Clubpenguin Quick Keys

14 10 2006

Hey penguins. Alot of penguins don’t know that there are keys to quickly do an emotion or dance. Here’s a chart to show you how to do some of them.