Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker Cheats – Where is Rockhopper and How to find Rockhopper on Club Penguin-Club Penguin Rockhopper

22 05 2009

Refresh the Rockhopper Tracker for updates on his location. If you find him, post a comment where you found him at.

Click here to refresh the Rockhopper tracker!

Rockhopper Tracker Code:

Rockhopper’s Status: Online (click here to refresh).

Last seen in server: Wind Chill (click here to refresh).

Last seen in room: Migrator (click here to refresh).

Here are some helpful hints about finding Rockhopper:

1. Refresh the Rockhopper Tracker constantly. Rockhopper is always being tracked! Changes may occur every few seconds! Click here to refresh the Rockhopper Tracker!

2. Chrisdog93’s Rockhopper Tracking Cheats page is also updated. If this post doesn’t help you find Rockhopper, this page probably will. Click here to view my Rockhopper Tracking Cheats.

3. Chrisdog93 has another method of tracking famous penguins called the Comment Tracker. View the comments for updates. Click here to view my latest Rockhopper Comment Tracker..

4. Whenever we find Rockhopper, I will post his location on his Twitter. If you follow me on Twitter, you will receive the latest updates. Click here to follow me on Twitter!

5. Use my Play Club Penguin page when searching for Rockhopper. Club Penguin loads much faster, so you will be able to find Rockhopper easier. Click here to view my Play Club Penguin page.

6. Rockhopper is most likely to be found in the Migrator, but can also be found at other places such as the Dock, Beach, Iceberg, Pizza Parlor, and Cove.

7. Rockhopper is a red pirate penguin who wears a pirate hat and has a beard. Rockhopper’s player card is above.

8. Rockhopper visits crowded servers and usually spends about 15-20 minutes on each server that he visits.

9. If a room is full, try to get in! When Rockhopper is on Club Penguin he gets huge crowds, so the rooms he goes in may be full. If the room is full, there is a very good chance he’s there. Check the users in room list, it’s easier to find him with!

10. Rockhopper is almost always online when he is visiting Club Penguin. You can look for him at any time of the day. Rockhopper is a red pirate penguin who wears a pirate hat and has a black beard. Rockhopper’s player card is above.

Bonus Tip: Once you find Rockhopper, click on his player card. Click on the button to get his free gift. Besides the free gift you can also go to the migrator, send him a post card, or put him on your ignore list. You can’t add him as a buddy.

If you find Rockhopper, make sure to leave us a comment where you found him at! If you can’t find him, let us know

Ultimate 100% Accurate Aunt Arctic Tracker!! [Top 10 Sure-Fire Tips On How To Find Aunt Arctic]

22 03 2009

Update: Click HERE to refresh for Aunt Arctic’s latest location every few seconds or to comment once you see her!! [Tips and pics from Abdullahhhh!! Thanks Abdullahhhh!!]

Update 2: Seems like DJ Cadence, the Penguin Band and Gary are online too!! : ) Tracking them too!!

Aunt Arctic’s Location: STILL TRACKING NOW! : ) [REFRESH]
Penguin Band’s Location: TRACKING NOW!! [REFRESH]
Gary’s Location: TRACKING NOW!! [REFRESH]

Hey!! It is really true that Aunt Arctic is really going around Club Penguin and will be giving out an autographed background of herself to any penguins who see her!! : ) Here is a picture of what the background looks like!! And also, there is going to be a Tante Arctic too!! [exclusive] And here are 10 sure-fire tips on how to track Aunt Arctic!! : D

1) Aunt Arctic is a green penguin with a pink hat and has a pencil behind her ear.

2) Aunt Arctic will be going around Club Penguin to meet penguins and give out her background.

3) Aunt Arctic will be on at peak hours most likely in crowded servers such as Mammoth and Blizzard.

4) She can only be found at the Backstage so that means only members can find her.

5) Keep refreshing the tracker every few seconds for her latest location!!

Play Clubpenguin

16 03 2009

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Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker Cheats- Where is Rockhopper & How to Find Rockhopper Tips

28 02 2009

Click here to refresh the Rockhopper Tracker. This tracker is updated every few seconds. Check back for Rockhopper’s current location here.

Rockhopper’s Location: Last seen in the server Mammoth at the Migrator. Keep refreshing for Rockhopper’s location. We are tracking now!


Below are the ultimate cheats for finding Rockhopper on Club Penguin.

1. The Rockhopper tracker is updated very quickly, and tons of times each day. Click here to refresh the tracker every few seconds.

2. Rockhopper goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen during the most popular hours of each day for Club Penguin.

3. Rockhopper is only all day when the Migrator is at the Beach. So check back any time of any day when Rockhopper is here.

4. Rockhopper is always wearing a red pirate hat, and a beard. He is walking around Club Penguin with his red puffle named Yarr.

5. Rockhopper’s favorite places on Club Penguin are his ship the Migrator, the dock, the beach, pizza parlor, and the iceberg.

6. You can get a free Rockhopper background if you find him.

7. Rockhopper always has crowds of penguins surrounding him.

8. Be the first to comment here if you find Rockhopper.

9. View this post’s comments for the latest news on his location.

10. Use my Rockhopper tracker, and with a small period of time you will be able to find Rockhopper. Keep refreshing and checking back for news

Club Penguin Furniture and Costume Catalogs November 2008 Cheats

21 11 2008

Here are the cheats.

The New Snowflake Tile Pin at the Beach, on the outside of the light house.



New Furniture and Costume Catalogs!

Here are the cheats.

Click the Christmas Ribbon for the Leaning Tree.

Click the Control Terminal for the Welcome Mat.

Click the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.

Click the CD player for the Silver Wand.

New Gary’s Failed Designs Comic!



Club Penguin Newspaper Issue #162

20 11 2008

Hey penguins theres a new newspaper. You can read about ninja jitzu , the secret room, and more!





Read the post below about the new christmas igloo items coming soon.